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Wooden Bodied Dobro (pre-loved) 1980 SN: 8-2163-0D

I believe this instrument is a model 65. It is a sunburst original Dobro company wooden bodied Dobro. The lacquer finish is patterned (they say that models 60, 65 and 66 were sandblasted to create the pattern) as can be seen in the photographs.

I originally purchased this in the early 1980s and the serial number suggests it was manufactured in 1980. It has a normal guitar profiled neck and curved rosewood fingerboard.

When it was originally purchased it was set up as a blues guitar and had an awesome Delta Blues sound which was just perfect for finger picking country blues and bottle neck. It is currently set up as as a Bluegrass lap steel Dobro and holds its own in any Bluegrass jamming session.

I would happily set this instrument up as a normal guitar at no cost if the buyer required that. It is a very simple job to do. I can supply a case at cost and install a resophonic pickup at cost of the components if required.

1980-1988 OMI Dobro: 8 (#)### yD configuration.
8 is the decade of manufacture (8=1980s).
2 or 3 or 4 numerals in center are serial number for year.
Numeral y before letter is last digit of year.
Last character is body type: D=wood, B=metal.




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